Rebar, pipe, sheet - best price! call +373 22 480 480
Rebar, pipe, sheet - best price! call +373 22 480 480


BPM cement and steel – offers to buy steel sheet at the best price in Moldova. There are both possibilities to purchase - wholesale and retail. Steel sheets can be purchased at the lowest prices and most favourable terms. The rolled steel sheet is the most requested product in the ferrous metallurgy due to its wide field of use. It can be produced as a finite product – commodity steel sheets, and as a semi-finished product for further processing – rolled steel.


By the method of production, there are:

Cold-rolled steel sheets

During the production process of cold-rolled steel, slabs are exposed to pickling – descaling – and then deformed at room temperature, which gives the finished product a smoother surface. Main advantages are the increased geometry accuracy and preservation of metal ductility properties that makes it possible to obtain products with thicknesses from several microns to 5 mm.

Products made out of cold-rolled steel coils – corrugated sheets, rectangular pipes and tubes, cold-rolled steel sheets made by cutting the coils.

Cold-rolled steel sheets are used in the automotive industry, in the production of decorative elements due their plasticity, in the production of fencing elements; and they are also galvanized.

Hot-rolled steel sheets

The thickness of the hot-rolled sheets varies from 1,2 mm to 200 mm.

The main advantages are higher corrosion resistance, rigidity, ability to withstand high loads. Due to this fact, it is widely used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, construction, for creation structures of welding, bolted and riveted joints.

The hot-rolled coils are purchased for the purpose of further production of round pipes, as well as for cutting them into commodity sheets or strips.


Hot-rolled steel sheet is also used for the production of cold-rolled, steel expanded sheet and checker steel sheets.


  • Expanded steel sheet – in order to obtain this type of sheets, they are cut and then stretched into a mesh, thereby obtaining diamond-shaped spaces. The presence of such spaces ensures a high resistance to deformation, as well as prevents slipping, and significantly reduces the weight of the sheet. Due to this fact, this type of sheet is widely used in the production of stairs, walkway flooring, etc.

  • Diamond plate or checker plate is a steel sheet with a raised diamond or other patterns.

These little embossed patterns are formed at a certain angle, while having a specific shape: diamond, tear, lines pattern etc.

  • rhomboid pattern – the surface of the sheet has lines embossed, which form a checker pattern when intersecting.

  • teardrop pattern – the shape of the pattern on the surface of the plate are oval-shaped, similar to teardrops or diamonds.


Expanded metal sheets, as well as checker plates are used for the maintenance platforms and walkways in the oil, gas, petrochemical industries, at power plants, as well as for steel structures of all purposes.


Payment method:

  • online to a bank card;

  • bank transfer;

  • cash.


Delivery is carried out:

  • by own transport service of BPM Cement and Steel;

  • to all regions in Republic of Moldova


BPM cement and Steel offers:

  • quality products from the biggest metal products manufacturers;

  • the best price on the market;

  • wide range of rolled metal products of different sizes;

  • highly qualified staff;

  • fast collection of the order and delivery or pick up at the warehouse;

  • individual customer approach and negotiable discounts

Hot rolled steel plate
Steel grade Thickness, mm Format, mm Quality standard

St1 - St3 (kp, ps, sp), 08-20 (Kp,Ps, Sp),
25, St0, St2 - St5, 30 - 45, 09G2S, 09G2,
10G2S1, 17GS, 17G1S, S235, S355

1,5 - 50

1000-2350 х 2000-6100,
1000-2350 х 1000-12000

GOST 16523,
GOST 14637,
GOST 1577,
GOST 19281,
GOST 19903,
EN 10025-2,
EN 1.0037

Cold rolled steel plane
Steel grade Thickness, mm Format, mm Quality standard

08Kp, 08Ps,
St1Sp/Ps, St2Sp/Ps, St3Sp/Ps

0,5 - 2,0

1000-1800 х 1500-4500

GOST 9045-93,
GOST 16523-97,
GOST 17066-94,
GOST 19904

Galvanized steel plate
Steel grade Thickness, mm Format, mm Quality standard

St08 Ps/Kp,
DX51D - DX56D

0,4 - 1,5

1000 х 2000

GOST 14918,
ГОСТ 19904,
GOST Р 52246,
EN 10142, EN 1014

Fluted plate
Steel grade Thickness, mm Format, mm Quality standard

St1 -St3 (kp, ps)

3 - 8

1000-1250 х 4000-6000

GOST 8568-77

Expanded plate
Steel grade Thickness, mm Format, mm Quality standard

St1 -St3 (kp, ps),
St08 Ps/Kp


1000-1250 х 2000-3000

TU U 27.1-00190319-1301-2003



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