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Rebar, pipe, sheet - best price! call +373 22 480 480

Profile pipe

BPM Cement and Steel offers to buy rectangular hollow sections (tubes) at the most affordable prices. We are pleased to offer rectangular and square section products. The products are sold on favourable terms. You can buy tubes at best price in Moldova. Our wholesale prices are beneficial for all consumers of rolled metal products.


Hollow sections (tubes)  


According to the shape of the section, there are square and rectangular pipes. They are widely used in modern construction. This is explained by the transition to frame construction, when metal structures are manufactured as the main element that experiences high loads. At the same time, rectangular tubes are often used for household purposes – as elements for fences, pillars, supports, etc. The main advantage is the pleasant appearance of the finished metal structure, reliability, ease of erection. The range of available sizes and wall thicknesses is wide enough.


Rectangular tubes are manufactured by connecting the edges of the sheet metal (hot-rolled and cold-rolled) by welding them at a very high speed. The welding process can be ultrasonic, induction or electric.

Rectangular tubes can be divided into several types.


1.      According to the material of which it is manufactured:


         a.     from cold-rolled steel plates – cold-rolled tubes


Hollow sections manufactured from cold-rolled steel sheets have a smoother surface, no scaling, since the steel is further processed. Metal pickling increases the final cost of the product, but gives a better aesthetic appearance to the finished product. Pickling means cleaning and treatment of the surface of rolled metal products to remove scale and rust. Cold-rolled steel hollow sections are characterized by righter and more precise angles and smaller wall thicknesses. The main fields of use: construction of equipment, aircraft, automotive construction, as well as production of furniture.


         b.     from hot-rolled steel plates – hot-rolled tubes


Rectangular tubes manufactured from hot-rolled steel do not have a very smooth surface and the geometric shape is not very precise. On the other hand, the main characteristic is a high degree of reliability, which allows using them in different fields. Due to the fact that hot-rolled steel is not subjected to additional processing – pickling – the finished products differ by significantly lower cost compared to cold-rolled tubes. The range of hot-rolled hollow sections is more diverse.


Hollow sections can be subjected to additional processing.

Galvanized tubes

Galvanized rectangular tubes have longer life and corrosion resistance compared to rolled products of ferrous metals, due to the fact that they are coated with a layer of zinc. Galvanized pipes are available in the same sizes as black steel hollow sections. They are widely used in construction, for example: billboards, traffic signs, exhibition pavilions, gyms, warehouses, repair shops, parking lots, awnings and other lightweight structures, as well as in agriculture (greenhouses, etc.)


Polymer coated steel tubes


The surface of square and rectangular tubes is coated with an additional layer of  polymer coating, for a higher corrosion resistance and improved appearance. Like galvanized hollow sections, polymer coated tubes are used as elements of metal structures which need no further processing.


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Profile pipe
Steel grade Size, mm Lenght, m Quality standard

St2Sp, St2Kp, St2Ps,
08Kp, 10, 10Ps, 20

30х20 - 45х20 δ 2-3 mm,
50х25 - 50х40 δ 2-4 mm,
60х30 δ 2,5-4 mm,
60х40 - 80х40 δ 3-4 mm,
80х60 δ 3,5-4 mm,
100х40 - 100х50 δ 4 mm


GOST 8645-68,
GOST 13663-86

St1 - St3 (Kp, Ps, Sp),
08-20 (Kp, Ps, Sp)

30х30 - 40х30 δ 1,8-3,0 mm,
40х40 - 60х30 δ 1,8 - 4,0 mm,
60х35 - 100х80 δ 2-4,0 mm


TU U 27.2-05393139.10-2001

S235JRH, S275J0H,

S275J2H, S355J0H, S355J2H

20х20 δ 2 mm,
25х25 - 30х30 δ 2-3 mm,
40х40 - 80х60 δ 2-4 mm,
80х80 - 100х80 δ 2,5- 4,0 mm


EN 10219-1, EN 10219-2

S235, S275, S355,
St1 - St3 (Kp, Ps, Sp),
08-20 (Kp, Ps, Sp)
A; B; C;

15х10 - 35х35 δ 1,0- 3,2 mm,
40х40 δ 1,0-5,0 mm,
45х45 δ 1,0-3,2 mm,
50х50 - 80х80 δ 1,8-5,6 mm,
90х90 - 120х120 δ 2,0 - 5,6 mm,
140х140 - 250х250 δ 3,0 - 8,0 mm


DIN EN 10219-2,
GOST 13663,
GOST 8639,
GOST 8645,



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