Order and pay online!    We deliver for free! call +373 22 480 480
Order and pay online!    We deliver for free! call +373 22 480 480

Important information!

14 June, 2020

Author - BPM

Dear partners and friends!

During this very difficult time for everybody, we feel the obligation to inform you that BPM has been working and continues to work in compliance with all laws, rules and measures established during the pandemic!

We respect the law and direct all efforts in order to ensure complete security for you and for our company employees.

We remind you that we have established a system of solutions which is meant to transform the partnership with You in a contactless, safe and convenient collaboration.

All the areas and objects of common use are permanently disinfected. Social distance of minimum 1.5 meters is respected and all the employees are provided with safety equipment (mask, gloves, hand sanitizer).

We guarantee a perfect state of health for all employees present at work.

We value you very much and also urge you, just like us, to follow all the recommendations of the government and medical organizations for maintaining good health and well-being.

Together we will succeed!⠀

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«BPM» communication about the changed working hours during COVID-19 pandemic

20 March, 2020

Author - BPM

Dear clients and partners!

We inform you that the working hours of all branches of our company have changed. We are closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and follow all recommendations for the prevention of the virus.

Our warehouses are constantly supplied in standard mode. There are no delays in the delivery of goods! The entire range of products is in stock. The shipment of goods to our customers takes place according to the schedule. You can still consult with our sales managers and place orders.

In order to minimize contact and also for your convenience, we have implemented the possibility of online orders and payments. The delivery service is working very efficiently and complies with sanitary safety standards.

You can get a specialist remote consultation on the following phone numbers: +373 22 480 480, +373 79 480 480. The qualified call-center workers will answer any question you may have.

We are doing everything to ensure uninterrupted shipments to companies that continue to work during the period of increased quarantine measures.

Our company has a socially responsible approach to doing business. In this difficult period, our task is to provide the highest level of security for both employees and customers.

We ask you to considerate of each other and to have a responsible attitude towards the measures taken.

Only together we will be able to face new challenges.

Take care of your health!

Office and warehouse:

Chisinau, 78 Uzinelor str.,

Monday - Friday, 8:00 – 18:00

Saturday, Sunday - day off


Măgdăcești subsidiary

Calea Orheiului str.

Monday - Friday, 8:00 – 17:00

Saturday, Sunday - day off


Ialoveni subsidiary

Chișinău - Hîncești route, 10 km

Monday - Friday, 8:00 – 17:00

Saturday, Sunday - day off


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BPM has opened a line of metal processing services! 

19 November, 2019

Author - BPM

Starting with this year, BPM customers can not only purchase rolled metal products in assortment, but also enjoy additional services, such as: 
- plasma cutting of metal
- sheet rolling
- gas cutting of metal 
- pipe bending
- disc cutting of metal 
- turning works
- guillotine cutting of metal 
Thus, you do not need to spend time looking for a company that will provide you metal processing services after you have acquired it in BPM. Now the best metal and processing services of metal are available for you in one place.

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BPM has opened its own call center!

10 September, 2019

Author - BPM

The rapid increase in the number of customers inspired BPM to open its own call center. This gives our customers the opportunity to get the information they need as quickly as possible, fix the problem as quickly as possible, or simply place an order. At the same time, the speed of order processing over the phone has increased significantly. Now getting advice on choosing cement and metal is available for you at the single numbers +373 22 480 480 and +373 79 480 480.
Let’s build together!

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BPM erects metal structures!

17 July, 2019

Author - BPM

Perhaps one of the biggest achievements of this year was the launch of a new project for the manufacture of metal structures. BPM Metal Construct produces metal structures for various industries, executes both standard and non-standard solutions. The total capacity of BPM Metal Construct is about 300 tons of metal per month. The main advantages of this project are the presence of the entire line of metal for the manufacture of metal structures, metal structures design, high speed of manufacture and installation. Over the current year, we have successfully implemented a number of successful projects. We are sure that there are still many interesting things ahead of us!   

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BPM doubled its staff!

14 May, 2019

Author - BPM

In 2019, dozens of highly qualified specialists joined BPM in order to optimize the work processes and raise the level of customer service. Good results were not long in coming. In 5 minutes, you get a full consultation in choosing the product you need, in 5-10 minutes the order is processed, in just 20 minutes the goods are shipped, and in just an hour we will deliver your order directly to the door. High level of customer service is our main goal for this year.

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BPM is expanding!

21 March, 2019

Author - BPM

Starting with this year, high-quality cement and metal products have become closer to you thanks to the opening of new branches in Chisinau, Ialoveni and Magdacesti. Now you can safely come for the best cement and metal to the addresses:
   - Chisinau, 78, Uzinelor Street  
   - Chisinau, 64, Uzinelor Street
   - Magdacesti, Calea Orheiului Street
   - Ialoveni, the route Chisinau - Hincesti 10 km 
Let’s build together!

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